How External Factors Influence Strategy

Every company has to deal with external factors that influence business decisions. Sometimes that is very hard to do and inconvenient. Sometimes it actually helps businesses to grow.


Both Google Chrome and Firefox are now marking websites as Secure and Not Secure depending on the fact that they have an SSL certificate on the domain name. Although the Secure and Not Secure claim is terribly misleading for websites that have a Domain Validated (DV) or Organisation Validated (OV) SSL certificate, because the website can still be run by criminals and do all kinds of malicious things. At least the connection to a website with SSL is secure. Only an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate can really make a claim of being more safe than a website without SSL.

Google Search also ranks websites that are fully protected by SSL (all pages) higher than non-ssl websites.

With DNSSEC and more or less enforced SSL encryption by the browsers small steps towards a safer internet are being done.

We see our business growing and our customers can also benefit from added trust and more vistors.

Also watch this video: browsers mark websites without SSL as Not Secure

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