Growing and Flourishing, People first

Being in an extremely competitive market like the domain and ssl industry is not always easy. The only way to keep growing (and mán we are growing!) is to keep innovating.

Flower Power

We plant more and more domain and ssl flowers and they are growing fast. But letting them blossom and flourish into a field of beautiful flowers that give seeds for new future flowers is the game we are trying to play. Our new seeds Powerpanel and SMBinvoices are starting to grow, slowly but surely.

It all centers around people and innovation. Always People first…

Our support team in the beginning of 2016 had a lot of pressure and stress. We started personal development sessions, coaching and also invested a lot of resources in automating routine tasks and abuse, expanding our knowledge base and building our advanced SSLpanel where our resellers can let their end-customers manage ssl-certificate requests.

Our domain portfolio grew organically with almost 300000 domains to 1 million domains.
Our SSL portfolio more than doubled.
Because of our focus on people the amount of support tickets dropped with 15%. Our team scored a 8,97 in customer satisfaction and 99,5% of all questions were answered within 8 hours. These results make me really proud.

Our salesteam always sold a lot as the numbers above show you. But in 2016 we developed a so-called sales playbook like all USA sportteams use. All salespeople have weekly training and coaching sessions where we help them to train their skills and develop them further and further. The playbook defines the strategies they can deploy to overcome objections and win deals.

Sofar 2017 shows that we are on the right track with 34% growth in the first two months. I am very proud of our great team of people who make it all happen.

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