How a new company was started: Powerpanel

Since I became an entrepreneur I started and sold several companies and bought out all my business partners. I learned over the years that focus was key to become more successful.

Amongst the companies I started and sold where a cosmetics company, a webdesign/seo company, several hosting companies and a communication agency/publisher.

When Openprovider was the only company I had left and I had bought out my last business partner I felt relieved and energised. Since 2010 Openprovider grew more than 500% because of the focus that I finally applied to it.

Because of my new found focus I resisted two interesting new ideas in 2014 and 2015. The first was an Internet of Things company and the other a Coaching platform. Both promising ideas but it simply would take to much energy and focus away from my fast growing core business.

But in the end I am an entrepreneur and cannot stop being creative and sometimes opportunistic. So when the opportunity came to invest in Powerpanel a little over a year ago I could not resist investing in it.

Powerpanel is a billing solution for hosters. There are quite a few of these companies around so why invest in a new one? Since Openprovider’s main customers are European hosting companies we know their ‘pains’ quite well. Many of them have inhouse developed billing solutions that are expensive to maintain or use an external solution that is simply not good enough and does not support all European rules for billing. Furthermore the demand for a fully integrated multi-tier reseller system is high and cannot be found in other products.

Powerpanel has it all and was developed by people that know the ‘pains’ of hosters because they were hosters themselves for many years. My own experience started in 1998 and my partners also have over 10 years of experience in hosting companies and have actively used several of the available existing billing solutions in the market.

Furthermore Openprovider has a very good name in the market and knows how to build a successful market for hosting products. Despite my focus I could not resist this opportunity to do something new so that we can help our customers grow!

Powerpanel is currently live in beta. There are free trials available. Check it out and give us feedback!