Domain Opportunities for Agencies


With the new gTLD program maturing after the introduction of around 1000 new possible extensions besides .com I think it is good to look at some opportunities that are especially interesting for Agencies. When I say Agencies I mean webdesigners, webdevelopers, marketing agencies, media bureaus, advertising agencies, e-commerce companies etc etc.

In the new gTLD space are so many good ideas for domain names or company names still available, especially for Agencies. What to think of these new gTLDs:

  • .design
  • .media
  • .marketing
  • .agency
  • .sale
  • .website
  • .shop
  • .site
  • .online

And these are just a few options for these specific organisations. For many vertical markets there are a lot of different other options.

With an Openprovider membership starting at € 49,00 you can buy them for registry costprice. See for more details.


Does a .bank domain improve the security for banks?


Short answer: Yes

Banks are constantly fighting a battle against internet criminals. It is tough for them to do that, especially since law enforcement is not yet sufficiently equipped to help them. Security is a big issue for banks coming at high costs.

But there is a relatively simple opportunity for banks to prevent phishing and that is switching to a .bank domain. It is impossible for criminals to register a .bank domain. So instead of banks educating the public on what is left of the dot it is much easier to educate the public that if the domain name is not a .bank then it is not a bank.

The process of registering a .bank domain is quite difficult and that is a good thing. The requirements are very strict and therefor registering a .bank domain is more a project than a domain registration process. But only banks can register a .bank domain. Nobody else! That means that you have a 100% guarantee that a .bank domain belongs to a bank.

Basically it boils down to the following project that a bank has to start:

  • Prepare the proof that you are a bank and that the people involved in the domain registration process are authorised to do so.
  • Prepare a migration plan from your current domain and website to a .bank domain and website
  • Setup your nameservers in the .bank zone with all requirements like DNSSEC, DMARC etc
  • Arrange a high end SSL certificate
  • Prepare a migration plan for moving your email infrastructure to a .bank domain
  • Prepare a marketing plan to educate your customers to only trust your bank when a .bank domain is used.

Will it stop phishing? No, criminals will still try. But at a relatively low budget it is so much easier to prevent phishers to be successful and that should be enough reason for all banks to move their websites and email to a .bank domain. There is basically no excuse given the huge amount of daily phishing attempts.

Openprovider has a lot of experience with .bank domains and is a top10 registrar of .bank domains.

Innovation requires competition

img_9667Every company needs constant innovation to stay relevant. Even an industry needs innovation to stay relevant.

New business models, new technologies, new opportunities are all leading to better products and services for eventually the end-user.

In the domain industry this is currently not the case. ICANN has become a highly political organization that is governed by so many compliance rules that all competition is effectively killed.

Domain registrants have no idea why they get all these emails from organizations they do not know because they use hosting companies that are not registrars themselves but resellers of domain registrars. Resellers of registrars cannot move their portfolio to new and innovative companies without the consent of the registrant. I totally believe in regulation that prevents criminals to do their criminal actions. But current regulation kills all competition and locks domain portfolio’s at big players that only grow through acquisitions. In my opinion this is unacceptable.

The good news is that innovation brought Openprovider at least closer to the top of the domain world. Based on the amount of tlds implemented Openprovider is number 6 in the world. See It is the main reason why ICANN uses Openprovider to test new gtlds.

Our innovation continues despite external obstacles.
We have built a very advanced white label solution for resellers that want their registrants to get ICANN emails from them instead of a registrar or spammer they do not know.
Another innovation we made is our SSL workflow manager that even allows end-users to understand what needs to be done in every step of the orderproces.
Our sister company Powerpanel has integrated both solutions in their billing software for hosters and it has been very successful.

Lets hope that all rules and regulations do not completely kill the competition like it does today. That is unacceptable and will eventually kill the industry. We already see that upcoming markets do not use domains and websites in the same way as more developed markets. Lack of competition will only increase prices, kill innovation and will lead to the end of the domain industry.

Being Unique in the Domain Name business

What to do when your product is the same as with anybody else in the market?
What to do when you do not really add value to the products you sell?
What to do when margins are going down?
What to do when everybody is after your customers and you after theirs and the market is growing very slowly?
What to do when you have the ambition to be a large player in this kind of market?
What to do if many of your suppliers are monopolies and feel no competitive pressure at all?

Kind of challenging isn’t it?

Welcome to the domain registrar business….

Being a domain name registrar is not an easy business. The market is definitely a so-called Red Ocean with a lot of commoditisation.


What did we do to survive and grow and move from the Red to the Blue Ocean?

– We hired more software developers. Currently our software development team is one of the largest in the industry and growing. Innovation is essential and without maximising our investments in the future in order to serve our customers in the best possible way we cannot survive.

– We changed to a unique business model. We charge a yearly fixed fee for the usage of our platform and do not charge any margin on the most common domain names anymore. You get our registry costprice, which in many cases is much lower than you could get yourself. This is very unique and a revolutionary model where customers pay for the value we add and do not pay where we do not add value.

– Everything we do is focussed on saving our customers time and money and to help them grow their business by providing them tools for up-selling and cross-selling to their own customers.

– We invest a lot in our support. Currently we provide support in English, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan and Russian. Our support team gets on average more then a 9 out of 10 from our customers.

– We align our people’s personal goals in life with the company goals and make sure they have autonomy, mastery and purpose in everything they do. Give people the right motivation and they can change the world.

As you can see Openprovider is all about People and Software to help you grow combined with a Unique Businessmodel .

We only need to let the world know we exist ….