International Women’s day

Today is international women’s day which for me is a strange day.

Some facts:
60% of my Management Team consists of  women
66% of our Spanish office are women
50% of our Indian office are women
50% of our Dutch office are women.
Our Russian office is still catching up with less than 10% women. But they will also get up to even numbers over time.

Why is this day a strange day? For me women and men are completely different creatures but equality has never been a issue for me. Women and men are totally equal in my opinion. Not only today but everyday. So why celebrate today what should be normal every day?

In Netherlands we do not celebrate International Women’s day but maybe we should. The equality between men and women is far from even in most companies and definitely not in the leadership positions. So what is normal for Openprovider is not normal for the average company. I see that as a missed chance, because diversity leads to strength and growth.

But today my girlfriend pointed out to me that I should be more aware how my behaviour on this day can really make a difference. And after some reflection I realised she is right of course. Thank you Natalya Ten for being the love of my live. Thank you Mum for being my mother and for the upbringing I got. Thank you Jill for being a beautiful daughter. Thank you Mirja for being my sister. Thank you Iris van Ommeren, Marta Domenech and Aastha Budhiraja for being part of a great Management Team. Thank you Danitsja van der Hoeven, Yentl van Arkel, Marielle Hordijk, Sandra Roorda, Anna Carreras, Galina Nahim and Inna Avruneva for being great colleagues that make our company a great company to work for! Thank you to all my female friends and family for making me a better person. You know who you are.

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